No more logging or supervising the wood burning! In the Rexener PR200 heater you press a button and the heater does the rest. Anyone can use Rexener! Rexener is powerful and has good efficiency. The heating time of water is considerably shorter than when heating with wood. Rexener PR200 keeps the water temperature constant. No more cooled or overheated hot tubs.

The Rexener PR200 heater can be installed on a new or existing hot tub or pool water heating system. Rexener PR200 can replace the traditional wood-heated hot tub heater. Water heating can begin before the pool is full of water. This makes the heating faster.

You can use Rexener PR200 with biodiesel, diesel or “red diesel”. You can also use the Rexener PR200 in a suburban area, as the heater will not cause visible smoke or smell that could disturb your neighbors. The high efficiency of the Rexener PR200 heater also means that the use of the heater does not cause much harmful exhaust emissions. In practice, the exhaust only emits carbon dioxide. The heater only needs about 80W of electrical power.

With Rexener PR200, you can keep the same water in your hot tub week after week by connecting a sand filter to the heater and using the appropriate pool chemicals. When the hot tub or pool is more convenient to use, the usage is more frequent. You can even get Rexener PR200 from us with an installation service.

The Rexener PR200 also has the power to heat up a really large 50,000 liter swimming pool – all year round – even in Nordic countries! The PR200 heater is truly reliable and we give it a 2 year warranty.


Due to high demand, the product is TEMPORARILY SOLD OUT. We will get more heaters to our warehouse during the autumn.

Pre-order the product and make sure your hot tub/pool season continues even in colder weather! Pre-order the product now at promotional price!

  • Can be used with biodiesel, diesel or “red diesel”
  • Low consumption. Maintaining stable temperature is easy and inexpensive.
  • Precise thermostat control 0-45ºC
  • Replaces an existing wood stove
  • Fast water heating
  • No smoke
  • Extends the swimming pool season
  • Power consumption only 80W
  • Ideal for even large swimming pools





We will call you before the goods are delivered. We agree on a delivery date and make sure you have all the necessary parts for the installation.

You can cancel or change your order free of charge if we find out during the call that the product is not suitable for your pool or hot tub for any reason.

You can get service from us in English, Swedish, and Finnish.

Our professional customer service covers the entire country.

We provide warranty service free of charge to you if any part included in the  warranty is broken.

Turnkey installation service £ 429  throughout the country

Heat quick and evenly

“Years ago, we had the intention of getting a hot tub to our cabin on the beach. However, we saw with our friends what a hard work it was to heat the tub with wood. It is a lot of work and yet the water is still easily either hot or cold. This heater solved the problem. We got it installed and it was easy to use. The device uses surprisingly little diesel. The water taken straight from the well, warms up to 39 ° C in just a couple of hours and stays there as promised.”

Replacement for a wood stove

“I like the fact that the water warms up even in colder weather. Thanks to this
 heater, the functions are so-called “ready” all the time, and starting the heating itself does not require any major steps. Compared to heating with wood, you have to add wood regularly and follow the fire. This is just easier and does not require constant monitoring. ”


Frequently asked questions

How much does the heater consume?


Amount of water: 1500L

Heating time (+7 -> + 38C) about 2 hours, of which about 1 hour of water filling

Heating costs approx. £ 4 

When the Rexener PR200 is running, it consumes 2L per hour. However, the thermostat will turn off the burner when the desired temperature is reached. The burner goes back on when the temperature drops 2-4 degrees. In this way, consumption can be minimized.

If you wish, you can even lower the temperature to +10 degrees if you do not use the hot tub / swimming pool continuously. This saves energy.

Can I use the heater with seawater?

Yes you can. The PR200 also works with seawater.

Can I install the heater in an old hot tub?

Yes you can! The Rexener PR200 is suitable for all types of hot tubs

Can I heat my pool with this heater?

Yes you can! The Rexener PR200 heats up even larger swimming pools, up to 50 000 liters

Can I use biofuel?

Yes you can! Rexener works well with biodiesel.

Where can I find spare parts for the heater?

Our service covers the whole country. Our service car is constantly stocked with a comprehensive selection of spare parts. All Rexener spare parts are available from our warehouse.

Does the heater need a circulation pump?

Yes. The Rexener heater is so efficient that the heater does not operate optimally when in free circulation. If your pool (hot tub / pool) already has a circulation pump or sand filter system, you can take advantage of it with Rexener. If you do not already have a circulation pump or sand filter, you can easily order them from our online store while ordering a heater.

Where can I install the heater?

The Rexener PR200 Water Heater can be installed up to 10 meters from a swimming pool or a hot tub. So it doesn’t have to be right next to the pool. The circulation pump handles water recycling.

It is good to place the heater in a place where it can be easily adjusted. It should be installed on a stable surface that is free of water. The heater feet are adjustable. The fuel tank requires a safe platform. Make sure the tank is located where it is easy to refuel.

What kind of circulation pump can be used with the heater?

Recommended circulation pump characteristics

Operating voltage 230V ~, 50Hz

Flow rate 6100 L / h 6 m.c.H2O

Highest flow rate 9.6 m.c.H2O

Minimum flow rate 2 m.c.H2O

You can also purchase a circulation pump from our online store.

Do I need to move the heater indoors in the winter?

It is not necessary to move the heater indoors in winter, especially if it is in use. If the heater is drained of water, it can also be stored outdoors.  Of course, it is always better to keep the device in a warm, sheltered place when not in use.

Does the heater have to be drained in winter (water / fuel)?

Water must not freeze inside the heater. If you wish, you can keep the water so warm that it does not freeze, so you do not need to drain the appliance. If the heater is not used (or the heat is not maintained), the unit must be emptied before frost.

The fuel remains in a weatherproof tank, so you don’t need to empty the tank even in frost. It is always advisable to change the fuel if the fuel stops for a long time.

In the frost, make sure that the heater uses winter grade fuel.

How do I drain the heater?

Behind the heater there is a drain plug for draining the water. So does the Rexener circulation pump.


WEIGHT 43 kg
DIMENSIONS 38 × 58 × 86 cm

20kW / hr


2,0 L/h (Note: thanks to the thermostat, actual consumption is much lower)


Biodiesel, diesel or fuel oil




80W (230V, 50Hz)


48 dB


Digital touch panel


23 L external tank

WATER CONNECTION 38 – 75 mm (38 mm inner diameter)




Don’t have a hot-tub yet? Here you will find a instantly ready-to-use package for a CAMPAIGN PRICE!



Comprehensive security systems

The electronically controlled safety functions of the Rexener PR200 water heater ensure safe operation of the heater in all conditions. The security functions include: two overheating systems, a flame sensor, automatic shutdown and water level monitoring.

Water level monitoring system

If the heater does not have enough water, it will not turn on. If the water level drops too low, the heater burner will shut off.

Powerful oil burner

Air blowing fan and high-pressure oil injection ensure the reliability of the Rexener PR200 water heater oil burner in all conditions.

The oil burner and the electric components of the Rexener PR200 water heater are protected inside the heater’s casing. The design of the oil burner, the electronics that control it and the fuel tank take into account the Nordic weather conditions.

The oil burner fan supplies air to the combustion chamber into which fuel is injected. It is ignited by a lighter controlled by the electronics of the device.

The thermal energy of the oil is utilized to heat the water contained in the piping inside the heater. Efficient and precisely controlled combustion can utilize virtually 100% of the energy contained in the fuel oil, which means that the Rexener PR200 water heater produces no particulate emissions or carbon monoxide. In principle, the exhaust will only produce harmless carbon dioxide.

Because all the energy contained in the oil can be utilized as heating power, the efficiency of the Rexener water heater is high, which means low fuel consumption.

The exhaust pipe (chimney) supplied with the heater ensures a very low sound level and safety. The hot flame of the oil burner is effectively protected inside the unit and the low temperature of the exhaust gases emitted from the exhaust pipe poses no risk of fire. The “chimney hat” at the end of the exhaust pipe also protects the burner from damage caused by air pollutants and moisture.

Precise temperature control

The Rexener water heater is set to the desired water temperature between 0 and 45 degrees (C). The heater automatically maintains the set temperature.

Overheating systems

The oil burner will be turned off if the temperature of the water entering the heater reaches 50 degrees (C) or the temperature of the water in the heater exceeds 75 ° C.

Fire alarm and automatic shutdown of the system

Incorrect operation of the oil burner (poor combustion) activates the flame sensor, which shuts down the oil burner and the fuel pump. This ensures the safety of the Rexener PR200 water heater in all situations.


Additional equipment

Accessories and supplies

Rexener sand filter

175,00 £ / pcs

Accessories and supplies

Rexener circulation pump

199,00 £ / pcs