REXENER Unnukka Hot Tub

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REXENER Unnukka Hot Tub

4 350,00 £ / pcs


REXENER Unnukka Hot Tub

High quality Rexener Unnukka round hot tub for up to 6 people. The Rexener Unnukka hot tub is a stylish hot tub package with LED lights and advanced heating technology.

Ready-to-use hot tub with a Rexener PR200 water heater 

  • An easier, faster and more comfortable alternative to a wood-fired hot-tub
  • Low consumption. Maintaining the desired temperature is easy and cost-effective.
  • Precise thermostat control 0-45ºC
  • Operates with biodiesel, diesel or fuel oil
  • Heating the water in a hot tub has never been this fast!
  • No visible smoke
  • Easy to install
  • Beautiful LED-lights on the bottom of the tub

2-Year warranty
* In addition Rexener PR200 water has 3-year warranty



We are very happy with our purchase and recommend Unnukka to everyone because it is so easy to use, it takes a short time to get the desired temperature, has no visible smoke and last but not least the costs are low. Unnukka with the PR200 was the perfect choice for us! 

The hot tub is used all year round. During the week, I keep the water temperature at 12–15 degrees and increase to 38 degrees for the weekend. Ease of use is the most attractive feature of Rexener, not having to deal with heating.”

It’s absolutely perfect, I could not have been more happy about the water heater. I would definitely recommend it to others. It is a top product. I am also very happy with the service I have received in connection with questions about the product.


The Rexener hot tub is much easier and more comfortable to use than a regular hot tub. The Rexener Unnukka Hot Tub is warm 24/7 if you want – and the water is always crystal clear.

High Quality Hot Tub combined with the high-efficiency Rexener PR200 water heater guarantees you an unparalleled and effortless bathing pleasure.

Note! The cover and stairs and are sold separately.

Package contains

  • Rexener Unnuka hot tub
  • PR200 heater
  • Chimney
  • Fuel tank
  • Mass filter kit
  • Includes both water circulation pump and filter
  • Protective box that contains the heater, fuel tank and mass filter kit (NOTE: The protective box is not thermally insulated!)

Technical information / Rexener heater

WEIGHT 43 kg
DIMENSIONS 38 × 58 × 86 cm
POWER 20kW / hr
CONSUMPTION 2,0 L/h (Note: thanks to the thermostat, actual consumption is much lower)
FUEL Biodiesel, diesel or fuel oil
CONTROL Digital touch panel
TANK 23 L external tank
WATER CONNECTION 38 – 75 mm (38 mm inner diameter)

Technical information / Rexener Unnukka hot tub

VOLUME 1420 L / 4-6 persons
POOL SIZE Depth 90 cm, height 107 cm 
PROTECTIVE CASE DIMENSIONS 97,5 cm (P) x 129,5 cm (L) x 112,9 cm (K)

Frequently asked questions

What to consider when choosing a spot for the hot-tub?
  • The hot tub should be placed on a flat surface that can support the full weight of the pool. (approx. 2000kg)
  • The barrel can be primed with crushed stone or alternatively the base can be cast in concrete. Can also be installed or embedded in the terrace.
  • When choosing a place for the hot tub, also consider the issues related to draining the water and, if necessary, the water can be led to the side with a hose.
  • The drain valve is located on the opposite side of the heater from the barrel and fits a 38mm inner hose.
How do I keep the pool clean?
  • Keep the pool covered with a cover (sold separately) and otherwise take care of cleanliness and hygiene by washing and drying the pool regularly. Our selection includes an insulation cover and a plastic cover.
  • By using pool chemicals, You can extend the water change interval.
    When using pool chemicals, the pH value must remain within the given limits, i.e. 7.0-7.6
  • If You are not sure what pool chemicals You need, we have handy starter kits. Chlorine-based and Oxygen-based starter kits.
How much does the heater consume?


Amount of water: 1500L

Heating time (+7 -> + 38C) about 2 hours, of which about 1 hour of water filling

Heating costs approx. 4 €

When the Rexener PR200 is running, it consumes 2l/h. However, the thermostat will turn off the burner when the desired temperature is reached. The burner goes back on when the temperature drops 2-4 degrees. In this way, consumption can be minimized.

If You wish, You can even lower the temperature to +10 degrees if You do not use the hot tub/swimming pool continuously. This saves energy.

Can I use the heater with seawater?

Yes, You can. The PR200 also works with seawater.

Can I use biofuel?

Yes, You can! Rexener works well with biodiesel.

What if something breaks?

Our servicecar covers the whole UK. In addition to our professional installer, the car is constantly equipped with a comprehensive range of spare parts. All Rexener PR200 heater spare parts can be found in our warehouse in Finland.

Do I need to move the heater indoors in the winter?

It is not necessary to move the heater indoors in winter, especially if it is in use. If the heater is drained of water, it can also be stored outdoors.  Of course, it is always better to keep the device in a warm, sheltered place when not in use.

Does the heater have to be drained in winter (water / fuel)?

Water must not freeze inside the heater. If You wish, You can keep the water warm that it does not freeze otherwise You need to drain the water away.

The fuel remains in a weatherproof tank, so you don’t need to empty the tank even in frost. It is always advisable to change the fuel if the fuel stands for a longer period of time.

In the frost, make sure that the heater uses winter grade fuel.


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Rexener Unnukka is a completely ready-to-use hot tub. By ordering it together with the installation service, you don’t have to worry about anything else than finding a perfect spot for the hot tub.

You might also consider purchasing the cover and / or the stairs that are being sold separately.

Depending on what you choose, the Rexener water heater uses biodiesel, diesel or “red diesel”.

You can also use the Rexener PR200 in a detached house area, as there will be no visible smoke from the heater to disturb the neighbours. The good efficiency of the Rexener PR200 heater means that the heater does not cause harmful exhaust emissions. Practically only carbon dioxide comes out of the exhaust.

Rexener Unnukka is designed for 4-6 people at a time. The volume of the hot tub is 1540 liters.


Rexener Unnukka

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