Rexener Bio Water Heater


Press the button and adjust the temperature – Rexener Bio Water Heater will heat up your hot tub or swimming pool in no time. The heating time of the water is considerably shorter than when heating with wood. The Rexener keeps the water temperature constant.

» Works with biodiesel, diesel or fuel oil.
» Low consumption. Maintaining a stable temperature is easy and inexpensive.
» Precise thermostat control 0–40 oC.
» Also for replacing existing wood stoves.
» Heats the water in no time.
» No visible smoke – suitable for use in residential areas.
» Efficient heating, 20 kW.
» Suitable for all outdoor hot tubs and even large swimming pools.
» Quiet, max. only 48 dB.

Energy saving kit (Included in Silver and Gold packages produced from November 2022)

The fastest and most energy efficient way of heating your hot tub or pool. Very easy to use. Suits any hot tub in the market. Save even more by using our energy saving kit.

Example: Use the energy saving kit to time the water circulation pump and Bio Water Heater to run 6 times per day, for 1 hour at a time and save 2/3rds of already low energy costs.

Energy saving kit available as a spare part for older models.

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No more logging or supervising the wood burning! With Rexener Bio Water Heater you press a button and the heater does the rest. Anyone can use Rexener Bio Water Heater! The water heater is powerful and has good efficiency. The heating time of water is considerably shorter than when heating with wood. Rexener Bio Water Heater keeps the water temperature constant. No more cooled or overheated hot tubs.

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