REXENER Aurora New


Rexener Aurora heats up quickly and easily with our advanced Rexener Bioheater. Just press the button, and the pool will heat up in less than two hours! Use pool chemicals to keep the water clean for a long time.

NEW! A smaller, separate heater unit and built-in technology allow for more flexible installation and easier maintenance.

A distance of up to 10 metres between the pool and the heater offers new installation opportunities. You can place the heater farther from the pool for an aesthetic effect, and you can embed the pool in the terrace/patio.

High-quality hot tub with an advanced heating system

No need to chop firewood! Just press the button, and the heater does the rest. It takes considerably less time to heat than when heating with wood. Consistent water temperature – no more water that is too cold or too hot in the pool.

Fibreglass colour: Arctic White.

Package contains: Square white fibreglass pool, wild spruce frame, Energy Saving Kit, Rexener Bioheater + chimney with barrel hat + fuel tank, polyurethane insulation, mass filter kit (incl. water circulation pump), LED lights, protective case (for water heater and mass filter kit). Rexener Aurora is HSG282 compliant.

Energy Saving Kit

The fastest and most energy efficient way of heating your hot tub or pool. Very easy to use. Suits any hot tub in the market. Save even more by using our energy saving kit.

Example: Use the energy saving kit to time the water circulation pump and Bioheater to run 6 times per day, for 1 hour at a time and save 2/3rds of already low energy costs.

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Rexener Aurora New – high-quality Finnish hot tub

Rexener fiberglass hot tubs are worked on with years of experience. Its workmanship exhibits uncompromising quality and unmatched comfort. The water heating technology of the Rexener Aurora hot tub is top of the line. Developed in Finland, the Rexener Bioheater is a thermostat-controlled solution for heating your hot tub quickly and cost-effectively.

Ergonomic and versatile square pool

Highly sought-after square pool offers lots of possibilities. Its shape makes it easier to install in a terrace compared to a traditional round pool. A square pool is also ergonomic and comfortable. Spend a calm one-on-one evening in the Rexener Aurora hot tub, or fit eight people in for a fun group bath. Sturdy steps provide a safe entry and exit from the pool, and can also be a convenient higher seating spot.

Energy saving kit available as a spare part for older models

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