Massfilter MF250

Mass filter equipment with 250W pump and filter fiber package.


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Mass filter for pool water filtration. A very important part of bathing is the maintenance of the purity of the water, and the mass filter takes care of the fysical purity. Suitable for hot tubs and small pools, the high quality filter cleans all dust, leaves, dirt from the bath and other contaminants that get into the water.

The MF250 is a small and practical massfilter that effectively cleans the bath water. Water passes through the massfilter and the impurities remain in the filter. The mass in the filter can be used either with conventional filter sand or filter fiber. The filter mass can be washed and rinsed with the filter’s wash and rinse functions. If necessary, the filtermass must be replaced.

The package contains a tripod, a 250W pump, a 4-way control valve, an intermediate hose with connections and a filter tank, as well as 500 g of filter fiber.

To connect to the pool you need a suitable hose package for your pool, which is purchased separately according to the tub/pool model. The unit itself has hose sockets for which are suitable for 32 or 38 mm inner diameter hoses.

Technical consumer information
Pump 250W.
Hose socket for 32 and 38 mm interior diameter hoses.
IP class: IPX5

Package content
Stand, pump, 4-way control valve, intermediate hose with contacts, filter container and 500 g filter fiber.

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