Airrex AH-300 Infrared Heater

The Airrex AH-300 Infrared heater is the best-selling fuel-fired diesel heater – for a good reason. This heater does not emit burning smells or visible smoke.

Airrex AH-300 is the best heating option for the efficient and pleasant heating of many kinds of spaces. The heater is ideal for industrial halls, working areas, machinery shelters, stables, halls, break rooms, maintenance vehicles, public events, repair shops, terraces, tents and construction sites, for example.

Airrex AH-300 is suitable for spaces up to about 1500 m³.


1 990,00 £ / pcs

Airrex AH-300 Infrared Heater
Airrex AH-300 Infrared Heater

1 990,00 £ / pcs



Airrex AH-300 is the best-selling fuel-fired diesel heater – for a good reason.

There is no need to connect a separate exhaust to the Airrex AH-300 infrared heater when using the heater indoors, such as in a hall, garage or tent. This heater does not emit burning smells or visible smoke.

Can run on biodiesel

AH-300 heater can run on Neste MY biodiesel, which is made from food waste, and on normal diesel and fuel oil. The winter edition of the fuel should be used at temperatures below 10°C.

The Airrex AH-300 diesel heater is extremely inexpensive to use. On full power, the heater only uses a little over one litre of fuel per hour. If the heated space is a normally insulated hall of 500 m3, the outside temperature is +0 °C and the temperature inside is maintained at +15 °C, Airrex AH-300 will consume approximately 2.5–3 litres of fuel per day.

No fan – Spreads the heat evenly

This infrared heater has no fan. The infrared radiation produced by the device heats materials, not air. The infrared heat is distributed evenly in all directions and feels pleasant even right next to the heater. The infrared heat produced by Airrex AH-300 spreads more evenly than heat produced by a fan-equipped heater, even in a large space.

Saftey is a priority

Airrex AH-300 heater has 12 different safety systems, which makes it an extremely safe heater. The heat radiating from the heater is not scorching hot, and its surfaces are not scalding.

The heater is very easy to take into use because fixed installation is not required. The heater is on castor wheels, which makes it easy to move where you want it. Airrex AH-300 is extremely quiet at only 48 dB.

Effective heating option

Airrex AH-300 is the best heating option for the efficient and pleasant heating for many kinds of spaces. The heater is ideal for industrial halls, working areas, machinery shelters, stables, halls, break rooms, maintenance vehicles, public events, repair shops, terraces, tents and construction sites, for example.

The Airrex AH-300 heater has a one-year factory warranty. You can extend the warranty to three years for free by activating the additional warranty in the online service.

Watch Video

Watch Video

Technical Information

Technical Information

WEIGHT 46 kg
DIMENSIONS 30.5 × 95 × 108 cm
SUITABLE FUELS Biodiesel, diesel tai polttoöljy
FUEL CONSUMPTION 1,14 – 1,33 l/h L/h (jatkuvalla lämmityksellä)
Sophisticated touch-sensitive switch, Odour prevention system, 12 safety systems, Automatic thermostat control, 0-24h; Interval timer, Fuel level, tilt, overheating and burner operation detector and alarm, remote control
Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

Does the heat also spread evenly in large spaces?

Yes, it does. Infrared heat spreads evenly over very long distances. Many mistakenly think that a fan is needed to transfer heat from one end of a hall to another, for example. A fan is not needed – the infrared heater heats up material, such as the wall, floor and all the materials in the space.

Why is an infrared heater more efficient than a fan heater?

The infrared heater heats material. A fan heater heats air. When you open an overhead door of a hall, for example, the warm air inside escapes, and cold air gets in. In a hall equipped with an infrared heater, all materials are warm so a lot of heat energy is retained even after the air change. In a hall equipped with a fan heater, all the heat escapes out of the door, and heating must be started over at a much lower temperature. As such, the infrared heater needs much less energy.

How can there be an odourless diesel heater?

When the fuel used is burned almost completely, it does not create odours or dangerous emissions. Carbon monoxide is formed by incomplete combustion, with too little oxygen. When combustion is complete, no carbon monoxide is formed. The product development history of Airrex goes back over 20 years, so the heater’s operation has been honed to perfection.

Why do I catch a slight smell when the heater starts/stops?

When the heater starts/stops, a mild odour of fuel may came from the exhaust pipe. This is because, upon starting/stopping, the heater does not quite manage to completely burn the fuel mist from the nozzle. The unpleasant odour is not dangerous. You can prevent any odour upon starting/stopping by using Neste Green Heat.

How can I be sure that no hazardous gases are coming out of the exhaust pipe?

The exhaust emissions of Airrex AH-300 have been studied and measured in Finland at the energy technology laboratory of Kymenlaakso University of Applied Sciences (KYAMK). Since 1992, the emission measurement laboratory at KYAMK has conducted exhaust gas measurement for power plants, the process industry and shipping companies. You can view the full measurement results here.

Why does my heater consume more than your example says?

Airrex AH-300 consumes 1.05–1.24 l per hour when running. The amount of fuel required to heat a hall, for example, is influenced by many factors: the roof and wall insulation thickness, number of doors and windows, how often doors/windows are opened, whether cold equipment is brought into the hall, etc.

During the first few days, the infrared heater consumes more fuel than normally because all the materials in the space are cold. Once the materials warm up to the desired temperature, the consumption is reduced. As such, the amount of fuel consumed per day may vary significantly.

Can Airrex AH-300 run on power from a cigarette lighter socket?

When you connect a car’s cigarette lighter socket to an inverter of at least 150 W, you can also run Airrex AH-300 on the power from the cigarette lighter. This makes it possible to use the heater in moving maintenance vehicles, for example.

Can I convey the exhaust gas outside using a pipe?

Yes, you can. Nothing prevents conveying the exhaust gas out of the heated space using a pipe.

Is it possible to get spare parts for the heater if something breaks?

Yes, it is. Every part of Airrex AH-300 heater can be replaced if needed. The importer has all the spare parts in stock, so the delivery time is very short.

I have been using the heater for a few days now. Why are there drops of water on the windows of my new hall? Does the heater release that much moisture?

Airrex infrared heater does not release enough moisture for it to condense on windows. When the infrared heater is first used in a space where only fan heaters have been used previously, there may be moisture on windows. When the infrared heater heats materials, moisture trapped in structures is effectively removed by the infrared heat. If moisture occurs when the Airrex infrared heater is used, we advise raising the temperature to approximately 20 °C for a few weeks and ensuring sufficient ventilation. This will remove the moisture from the heated space.

What installation actions are required before starting to use the new heater?
The Airrex infrared heater does not require a separate installation. Put fuel in the tank and plug in the heater, and Airrex is ready for use. The first time you use the heater, it is advisable to start it outdoors or in a well-ventilated space.
Why does the Airrex heater turn off on a electric power outages?

For safety reasons, the heater must be restarted manually after an electric power outage. For a minor electric power outage you can purchase a UPS device. The UPS device protects heater against under and over voltage and keeps the heater running during minor electric power outages.

Technical Introduction

Technical Introduction

Patended, advanced burner

The device has an oil burner equipped with an electric fuel pump, which recycles the exhaust through pipes with ceramic coatings, giving out the heat as infrared radiation.

The triple combustion process guarantees completely pure combustion; the heater does not need a separate exhaust pipe, which conserves all heat for utilisation. Normal ventilation is sufficient.

Normally, the fuel that enters the combustion chamber of heaters after they are switched off generates soot and unpleasant odours. According to laboratory tests, the fuel injection of Airrex heaters cuts off very quickly, minimising the formation of soot and odours.

An exhaust pipe that saves energy and eliminates odours

A metal honeycomb installed inside the combustion chamber burns residual gases and ensures efficient and steady combustion. The 75/100/165-millimetre alternating diameter of the tubular combustion chamber makes the combustion more efficient and minimises the amount of non-combusted gases. The rubber tube for inlet air ensures the supply of fresh air to the burner, which also improves the efficiency of combustion.

Extremely effective noise reduction

The noise reduction system in the exhaust pipe, which compresses and expands the exhaust gases, makes Airrex extremely quiet (only 48 dB).

Comprehensive safety features
  • Ignition safety system
  • Flame guard
  • Fall sensor that switches off the heater
  • Overheating prevention
  • Safety system that recognises power outages
  • Fuse
  • Burner protection
  • Fuel level monitor
  • Temperature sensor fault detector
  • Moottorin käynnistysvarmistin
  • Motor starter helper
  • Programmable switch-off (user can program)


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3 Year Warranty

3 Year Warranty

The Airrex AH-300 infrared heater has a one-year factory warranty. The warranty for Airrex can be extended free of charge up to 3 years by activating the additional warranty in the importer’s web service.


35,00 £ / pcs

Additional equipment

Trolley (AH-200/AH-300)

110,00 £ / pcs

Additional equipment

Airrex pouring jug

10,90 £ / pcs

Additional equipment


79,00 £ / pcs

Additional equipment

Protective frame (Airrex AH-800)

390,00 £ / pcs

Accessories and supplies

Pipe extension 0,5m

41,00 £ / pcs

Accessories and supplies

Pipe extension 1m

68,00 £ / pcs

Accessories and supplies

Pipe extension, 90 degrees

111,00 £ / pcs

Additional equipment

Protective frame (Airrex AH-300)

349,00 £ / pcs


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51,90 £ / pcs
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