Airrex AD-1250

Airrex auxiliary DC heaters for all kinds of vehicles are very easy to install. Simply connect the power cord to the battery and mount the unit in the desired location, and the heater is ready for use. Airrex DC heaters generate heat in just 10 seconds after being switched on.

519,00 £ / pcs

Airrex AD-1250

519,00 £ / pcs

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Airrex AD-1250 is an auxiliary DC heater for different types of vehicles. The heater is extremely easy to install. Simply connect the power cord to the battery and mount the heater in the desired location, and the heater is ready for use.

Airrex DC heater generates heat just 10 seconds after starting. The DC heater has a remote control on a cord, which can be used to set the desired temperature and fan speed. The device also has a thermostat with a cable, which can be moved to the desired measurement location.

Airrex AD-1250 is equipped with a low-voltage sensor that stops it from draining the battery in case of a low battery charge. Airrex AD-1250 heater has a 12-month factory warranty.

Typical places to use Airrex AD-1250:

Transport vehicles: Food product transport
Camper vans: Living space heating
Electric cars: Cab heating
Earthmovers: Cab heating
Lorries and vans: Cab and/or cargo space heating
Boats: Cabin and cockpit heating
Emergency vehicles: Transport space heating
Military vehicles: Cab and/or cargo space heating

An AV heater (Activated Variable) is not a ceramic PTC heater. The AV element produces heat more evenly, does not cause voltage fluctuations and lasts better than the PTC element.

Automatic shutdown when voltage drops. A drop in battery voltage turns off the device, which protects the vehicle’s electrical system.

Temperature adjustment is easy. The heater can be precisely adjusted to maintain even heat. The device turns on and off when the temperature exceeds or falls below the set temperature by two (2) degrees. The temperature setting must be higher than the ambient temperature.

Overheating protection system. The internal safety circuit of the heater switches off the appliance if any part of the appliance threatens to overheat.

Up to 100 A current carrying step relays. Ordinary relays need a constant control voltage, a step relay only a control current pulse of about a second. This increases reliability and safety.

The device has a portable temperature sensor, the 1.5-meter cable of the temperature sensor allows you to place it in exactly the optimal location.

The display can show the battery charge status, the current temperature, the set target temperature and the fan power setting.

Additional information
Operating voltage

12 V

Input power

500 W


70 A



WEIGHT 1.9 kg
DIMENSIONS 27  × 22   × 11.5 cm
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