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The Rexener Unnukka hot tub is made of the best components on the market; we use Europe’s largest hot tub suppliers, Kirami’s, hot tub. This, combined with the high-quality and high-efficiency Rexener PR200 heater, guarantees you an unparalleled and effortless bathing pleasure.

Rexener Unnukka is designed for 4-6 people at a time. The volume of the hot tub is 1540 liters. Rexener Unnukka is a completely ready-to-use package. By ordering it together with the installation service, you don’t have to worry about anything else than finding a perfect spot for the hot tub.

3 350,00 £ / pcs

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Rexener Polar

5 690,00 £ / pcs

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Rexener Aurora

4 690,00 £ / pcs

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Rexener Silence

3 590,00 £ / pcs