Environmentally friendly

GWP 0! – No chemicals, no Chlorine, no Ozone.

Energy saving

Low power consumption, only a fraction of air condition.

Portable – no fixed installation

Easy cleaning and low maintenance, no installation costs!

Efficient cooling

High-quality components and high flow rate.

Evaporative coolers can be used in a variety of applications. Generally speaking, they are the best solution for extreme working conditions and for large areas where applying air conditioners is not feasible and other solutions won’t generate the required cooling capacity.

They are equipped with a submersible UVC light. This new device can effectively kill possible germs and viruses while the tank water circulates through the lamp pipe. It will keep the users away from the danger of harmful bacteria.

Evaporative coolers can cause a temperature drop of between 4°C and 12°C when outdoor temperatures are above 22°C. High cooling efficiency without water mist, large air volume, but low power consumption and no installation cost. These features help you cut down power cost and decrease the number of air conditioner usage.

Evaporative cooling systems are eligible for the Energy Investment Deduction (EIA) in the Netherlands. This can result in a net benefit of 11% on the entire investment. In other countries, there are also often local subsidies for sustainable techniques.
Evaporative coolers are easy to clean, need low maintenance and there’s no installation costs. They are very reliable, all spare parts are available from our warehouse in Finland and a maintenance service is available. We offer a two-year warranty on our air conditioners.

The range includes M902COOL and M703COOL models.


GWP 0! – No chemicals, no Chlorine, no Ozone. No worries or restrictions of flammable or toxic refrigerant.


Low power consumption, only a fraction of air condition. An evaporative cooler will only increase its cooling capacity when temperatures rise, without increasing the energy consumption.

Energy saving diagram



Easy cleaning and low maintenance, no installation costs! Thanks to the wheels, you can move the device at the spot where cooling is required.


Plug and play – Just hook up to a standard garden hose or fill the portable water tank.


High-quality components and high flow rate.


A work environment that is cooled, often ventilated and provided with ample fresh outside air is a healthy work environment, with low absenteeism and often higher productivity.

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M703-COOL cooler


  • Cooling Capacity 2691 ft2
  • Water Reservoir 50 G
  • Power Consump. (max) 850 W/h +/- 10%
  • Dimensions (HxBxD) 68″x52″x27″
  • Airflow 14 725 ft3 / min.
M902-COOL cooler


  • Cooling Capacity 1292 ft2
  • Water Reservoir 16 G
  • Power Consump. (max) 510 W/H +-10%
  • Dimensions 51”x29″x20″
  • Airflow 8246 ft3 / min.

Built-in UVC sterilization light

  UVC Chlorine Ozone
Sterilization Method Physical Chemistry Chemistry
Sterilization Effect Excellent Good Instability
Sterilization Time 1–5 sec. 25–45 min. 5–10 min.
Human hazard Low Medium High
Toxic substances Residue None Yes Yes

Compare the differences

Product Features Water cooling fan Air conditioning Fan
Price Economy Expensive Cheap
Power consumption Low High Low
Requires installation No Yes No
Contains refrigerant No Yes No
The effectiveness of use in a high humidity environment Not good Good Good
Removable Yes No Yes
Regular maintenance Yes Yes No
Applicable environment Indoor and outdoor Indoor Indoor and outdoor